Imagination Boxes
Created for Open Ended Play

Our Mission

At Twig & Olive we believe that children are naturally curious, creative, and imaginative. That’s why we thoughtfully design boxes and minis that not only foster the development of new ideas and skills but also provide hours of open-ended, whimsical fun.

Little Gardeners Tote
Sold Out
Green Thumb Mini
Rainbow Rice
Rainbow Rice
Sparkle Dough
Sparkle Dough
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Customer Love

"This is pure sorcery. They are having the best time ever!"

Meghan, Mama of 3

"Twig and Olive has given children the gift of perfect organic play" 
Micah Chrissey, Head of School at Incarnation Academy

Our Story

We started Twig & Olive with the goal of helping families prioritize play that engages the senses and sparks the imagination. Our Boxes and Minis encourage open-ended play that emphasizes connection, creativity and problem-solving. No batteries, buttons or screens. 

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